ilana freddye



Yes, you heard right. It's my birthday today! (get ready for a boatload of exclamation marks)

I'm a whopping 23 years old! Bada Bing Bada Boom

In 23 years I can tell you a few things for sure:

1. rainbow sprinkles are life enhancers
2. my family is the shit
3. laughing so hard you pee your pants is the reason you are alive
4. everyone picks their nose

I'm going under the assumption that everybody loves May 2nd as much as I do.

You do, don't you? 
Yah, you do. 

If not for it being MY birthday, then at least for it finally being May and 
for these sprinkley cinnamon rolls I'm about to unleash in to your life.

You ready, life? GET READY.

So it starts with a dough:

You know the usual;
eggs, milk (almond milk), a little agua (water/H2O)

A little whisky whisky (the motion, not the glorious drink),
and then it's time for the flour, sugar, salt, madness, excitement, yeast

Why is there a pair of scissors??! I couldn't open the yeast...

Oh yah! It's that time.
Time for that somewhat seductive block of butter to join the party.

And then something incredible happens, 
right around the time the white chocolate & the sprinkles come into play.
That's when it gets wild. Wild and gosh darn crazy.

Because suddenly, you have this.
(With the help of a rolling pin/can of pam you sub for a rolling pin)

And then you're so entranced by this cosmic looking rainbow mad house,
that you just stare at it for a bit. Is it dough or a nebula? Who's to say? 

Rolled, twirled, sprinkled and whatnot. These puppies end up in the oven.

And you whip up some cream cheese frosting like you were born to do this!


And then this piping hot pan of ridiculousness was sitting in front of me.

And by God, I cannot for the life of me figure out where that missing roll went...

It may not be cake, but this SCREAMS Happy Birthday.
And I'm happily listening. Scream away little rainbow delights.

Stop it. I'm getting outrageous.
Real talk: these cinnamon rolls are outrageous. Fact.

Time to share the madness, here you go folks:


Here's to twenty three!