ilana freddye


The Tomatoes Right Now

The tomatoes right now... are insane.

So incredibly unreal good that I'm having trouble describing it. I guess I could just say that I've been enjoying some of the most tomatoey tomatoes I've ever had. The Rhinbeck farmers market had me enjoying Brandywines, and Green Zebras, and after a stop at the Union Square Green Market I was snacking on Cherokee PurplesPurple RussiansBlack Princes, and Marvel Stripes. The names are fairly amusing, don't you think?

Not only do all these great heirloom tomatoes look gorgeous and colorful but they all taste distinctly different. Have a tomato tasting party, I think your friends will like it. Hell, they might hate it but screw 'em, just eat some tomatoes right now, okay?

While I have happily been munching away on all these tomaters with just a sprinkling of kosher salt, I saw this cover of Bon Appetit Magazine and needed a tomato sandwich in my life.

I switched it up a bit, but the general idea is still there. Basically: heirloom tomatoes, cheese, herbs, slice of bread....pure magic. Allow me to repeat the moral should be eating an heirloom tomato right now, I'm so serious.

This hardly requires a recipe but I'll give you the amounts for one tomato toast with the hopes that you might actually make this for yourself and eat it!

1 slice of whole grain bread, toasted

1 tsp chopped basil

1 tbl fresh goat cheese

1 tsp olive oil

several slices of heirloom tomatoes (about 1 tomato total, I used a couple slices of a big tomato and a few smaller tomatoes)

kosher salt

layer tomatoes on the slice of bread

top with basil and crumbled goat cheese

drizzle olive oil on top

add a sprinkle of salt

As you can tell I devoured this pretty quickly, but I mean...they're only in season for so long, so eat up!