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The Fremont Diner

Every so often there's a restaurant that nails it.  I'm not talking about $200 prix fixe menus, but rather the kind of restaurant that makes me want to own my own.  It's all about the food, I mean of course it is but it's also all about the atmosphere too. Between the small farm, the outdoor seating, the bright picnic benches, and the super fresh comfort food, I just sort of fell in love with The Fremont Diner. No, I totally fell in love with it.

On our way out of Sonoma, I insisted (downright demanded in the sweetest way possible) that we stop by this unassuming roadside restaurant. Sometimes I make great decisions (SOMETIMES), this was one of those instances. Pops got the fried oyster po' boy, and mom and I shared a small fried chicken slider, a BLT, and a refreshing cucumber salad. It was the sweet ending this great vacation needed.

It's worth noting at least three times that they have their own farm and the restaurant is smack dab in the middle of it because I truly can't think of a more perfect place to have a restaurant. Local indeed.

And about that lovely atmosphere I mentioned...

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