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Chocolate Covered Tortilla Chips

I'm not comfortable saying I have a favorite's just too much of a commitment. I've felt the same way about favorite colors too, because they're all pretty great, you know? I there a certain feeling that "favorite" envokes? I'm just a bit confused here. Am I stuck in my head? Totally, 100%. I won't even try to deny that.

Tortilla chips have always been a hit with me though. Easily the best question there and just my luck.. .Mission just came out with some organic tortilla chips and asked if I wanted to try them out...umm, yes...yes I do!

Since I was home when the chips arrived, my parents and I have been snacking away on them. Crunchy, and salty, and so many possibilities. The blue corn are my favorite. Mostly because corn that is blue is pretty cool concept. Aside from dipping them in salsa, or topping them with a bit of tuna, I also opted to make one of my favorite sweet and salty snacks. Some people seem alarmed by the notion of tortilla chips and chocolate, but come on now! This combination destroys the pretzel and chocolate duo. Seriously, so much better. More salt, more crunch...more magic.

Because everyone loves options, I did some milk chocolate and some dark. I prefer the dark though, and I would have done white chocolate but then things would have gotten completely out of control.

There's no secret behind this recipe, I just chopped up the chocolate and melted it in metal bowl over a small pot of boiling water. I stirred the chocolate with a spatula to make sure it didn't burn. You could do this in a microwave, but that usually ends in lumpy burnt chocolate when I do it.

Now, you have two options with this snack...

All you really need it some wax paper, and either style is pretty easy. You can dip the chips and let them dry on the wax paper or throw a bunch of chips down on wax paper and just go to town drizzling that chocolate all over the place. You could even throw in some toppings....nuts, marshmallows, caramel, fresh fruit, man that sounds good actually! Strawberries would have been stellar.

So a big thanks to Mission, for these super crunchy tortilla chips, you spoil me! And hey, don't knock it till you try it.