ilana freddye



Isn't it funny how we all take pictures of our meals now? There's something totally fun about it but there's also that overly connected to the world bit too.  Remember when phones didn't even have cameras? I remember my friend Sam had one of the first "camera phones" that we thought was so cool...mind you the camera was a separate piece that you had to attach to your flip phone. Man, we thought that was the greatest thing ever.

Anywho, I generally take pictures of my breakfast on my phone to share on instagram because,'s 2012 and this is the way we do it, and because I like to make my food nice and pretty so it's fun to share. But since my phone was recently stolen (damn you woman in urban outfitters who felt it was appropriate to reach into my purse) I've had a chance to get more camera practice in, so with my gorgeous new anthropologie bowl in tow I snapped some shots of my newly favorite, here's to breakfast.

Fat free or 2% Greek yoghurt is definitely my go to right now, I can't get enough of it. And the best part is that it can be sweet or savory, though I usually go the sweet route for breakfast.

And have you tried the nectarines lately? Absolutely perfect. It's official...I  prefer nectarines to peaches. Just might be the greatest fruit.

Runny yolks are right up there with Greek yoghurt...another great way to start the day. As much as I adore runny yolks though I cannot stand runny whites....yick, so it's all about proper execution on this one. I cooked these two eggs over medium heat and put a lid on for a second at the end to make sure the whites were cooked. The baby bok choy was a special treat from the farmers market, I just steamed these up becuase I love me some greens with eggs. Have you tried broccoli and eggs? Another deliciously simple egg breakfast.

You must try walnut meal/flour. It's so wonderful on yoghurt, cereal, oatmeal, or even a pasta dish. Almond meal is pretty tasty but walnut meal is so much more flavorful. I get mine from The Nutbox

And finally a nice bowl of cereal topped with the dried cherries (I highly recommend the Trader Joes dried cherries, they are worlds better than any other I've had, they have a couple different types and they are all really nice) and of course some peanut butter because I'm just a really big fan. Also, I use almond milk because I'm lactose intolerant but I'm thinking about trying out lactose free milk, have you had it? I feel like it's still going to make me sick...

And for those days when my alarm clock doesn't go off and I have 3 minutes to get ready for work, for those days I recommend a piece of fruit and one of these new über bars, the bananas foster flavor is top notch.