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Oh you know...San Francisco

I have been completely spoiled this month. Home for four weeks, prancing around Seattle, cooking for my parents, contemplating what the hell I am going to do once I graduate (February is right around the corner...), going to concerts, sipping on beer, picking raspberries. I mean, this is damn near perfect (save for the absence of a few major players in my life...miss you).

And then a stop over in San Francsico, because well it's a really great city, don't you think? Oh, and because my brother lives there! The ferry building (and its outrageous farmers market) alone could persuade me to live there. Even talking about where to live freaks me out? [San Francisco, Seattle, Portland, Brooklyn? Oh my!]

 Have you been to Blue Bottle Coffee? I totally dig their Three Africans pour over.

Last time I was in San Francisco, we went to Humphrey Slocombe, at which point I thought I had just tasted the best ice cream of my life. And then a game changer, I went to Bi-Rite Creamery this time around, and woowwwweee! That's some real good ice cream. The roasted banana knocked my socks off. Socks...Off.

Coming from someone who likes ice cream but isn't head over heels in love with it (that's me, to each her own, you know?) I HIGHLY recommend you try out both of these places.

After a few days eating and walking around the city we headed over the bridge to Napa with a stop in San Rafael at Sol Food for some Puerto Rican food. This place was a winner (good call by Alex), the bistec (thinly sliced steak) sandwich was a standout. Wow, I want one right now.

I've got a couple more places to share with you all but I'll leave you with Gott's Roadside, a place for some solid burgers, fries, and milkshakes. I also hear their ahi burger is a hit!

The Carnage:

Meanwhile, I have just under a week left in Seattle and then I'm back to school, can't say I'm totally thrilled to be back in classes but people keep telling me the time will fly so I'm just going to do my best to enjoy it.