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Who wants some yoghurt? //giveaway!//

Yoghurt is a weird one for me. There used to be this passionfruit mango flavor I ate in Israel that was nearly perfection.  Of course, I've had no luck at all finding much passionfruit here in the states especially not in the vicinity of yoghurt.  So there's that, and then there's this thing I have about food dye.  It totally freaks me out when yoghurt is pink/orange/not the color of milk. It makes no sense, it un-appetizes me. 

Well, imagine my surprise and delight when I got to sample Chobani's new flavors and passionfruit was in the mix. OH ME OH MY! It was exactly what I've been searching for. They have a ton of amazing flavors, and everything seems to be appropriately colored.  The best part? The only way that passionfruit yoghurt could get any better? It's Greek! Ah, how do I explain the greatness of Greek yoghurt? It's just so much better than yoghurt ever thought it could be. It's thicker, and it's more tart, it's versatile as all hell and well, I totally dig it.

Another thing: I spell yoghurt <<< that way. 
I guess it's a little bit different but that's the way I've always spelled it.
Rest assured, I looked it up and it's a legitimate spelling, 
just don't know how I inherited it. I think it looks rather nice actually.

In addition to the fun new flavors, 
Chobani also hooked me up with a mix of their plain yoghurts 
so I could mess around with some new recipes. 
First up: spring veggies & yoghurt. Simple & tasty.

It's pretty straightforward, 
just choose the veggies of you liking, 
mix some olive oil with that great Greek yoghurt and you're good to go! 
A quick and springy lunch.

Get EXCITED! Because I've got a great Greek yoghurt pancake recipe to share later this week too.

Such a versatile and lovable ingredient.

What's that? You want some of your own? Deal! 

Chobani has offered to share a sampling of some of their flavors with you guys too. 
*applicants must be living in the U.S. to receive the winnings

Just leave a comment on this post telling me how you like to eat Greek yoghurt and next week I will choose a winner at random!

If you want an extra chance to win you can add like whisked. on facebook, and leave an extra comment letting me know if you do!

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