ilana freddye



Do you know what ramps are?

These are ramps (with the bottoms cut off, I'm saving those for another recipe):

They grow in the middle of those places people don't really go, off of the trails, and in the middle of everything/nothing. They take a little searching, and they taste delicate and oniony.

Sometimes you luck out and end up in a field of ramps like this:
(those aren't all ramps, they are sprinkled around some abundant skunk cabbage)

But please, if you do find yourself in a place like this, do not pick them all. 
Or they won't come back. Please don't be that kind of a person.

So what to do with them? I have a couple projects going, but let's start with dinner.

Tangled up on the bottom are some lovely sauteed ramps, and what's that on top? A yolky, wonderful egg. Eggs are awesome. It's the truth. If only we were all as versatile as eggs.

Honestly, the veggies & smoked trout were left over, but it all worked out swimmingly.

 There you have it! Ramps in action. Go out and find some of your own...