ilana freddye


Pickling the Ramps

I wish I had a go-to pickling/brine recipe. Don't we all? No, not really? Weird.

As you may have noticed, I picked my fair share of ramps recently
and have since been attempting to cook them in just about every way possible.
Sauteed, blanched, and now...pickled.

I really am looking for a go-to, out of this world,
knock your socks off, I'm going to eat the whole jar-pickle brine,
so if anyone has one... please share!

This pickling recipe worked out pretty well but I prefer a bit less sweet. 

You may or may not know this about me, but I really fancy pickles. 
I'm usually a classic pickled cucumber fanatic but what the hell! ramps will do.

Again, I did find this just a wee bit too sweet for my liking, 
so I cut the sugar and honey down a bit for the typed up recipe.

Naturally I designed a cute little label for my jars. 
Yah, it's a damn precious jar, don't you think?

Oh jars, absolutely gorgeous glass containers. 
I'm truly in love with them. 
No icky plastic, and let's not kid ourselves, they have an undeniable look.
One glance and you just need some jars in your life.

Pickled or not. Ramps have been a fun addition to my spring produce bounty this year!