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Matzoh Matzoh Matzoh

Once a year the matzoh (pronounced "mahhh-tzaahhh") saga starts up again. Some of us like egg matzoh (I find it somewhat soggy), others prefer the whole wheat variety, while I am a hardcore yehuda enthusiast.

If I'm eating matzoh, I'm eating Yehuda. Yes, you heard right. I actually have a matzoh preference. 

For those of you genuinely baffled by this word, let me give you the quick run down:
Matzoh is a flat cracker-like food that we (those who celebrate passover, namely Jewish people) eat once a year for 8 days to celebrate the holiday of Passover. It's a great holiday, we tell stories of the crazy days back in Egypt. I enjoy the story telling bit.
 If we're being honest, let me just tell you that I actually enjoy matzah. Yep, shmear it with some butter or mix it up with eggs for matzah brei and I'm enjoying a delicious meal. It's okay, you don't have to like it.

But I think you're going to like this incredible sweet matzah snack that I made with my cousin, Liza this weekend. At home, we call it Matzoh Roca, but I've heard it go by matzoh candy and a few other names as well. So whatever floats your boat!

First you make some caramel gold. It's rich, its entirely sugar and fat AND you totally want it on your matzoh.

Then you spread that goodness all over the bland and unassuming matzoh. It has no idea what's coming. It's actually sort of thrilled about that.

Chocolate is next, whatever variety you fancy. I happen to fancy white chocolate, apparently a lot of people don't. I get it, I used to hate it, but I really truly love the stuff now.

That little white chocolate section in the back was just for me. Score!

Sprinkle with whatever toppings you desire. Potato chips was a genius discovery for us this time around, we also went with a bit of coconut.

No toppings? drizzle some white/dark/milk chocolate all over that sugary mess.

Then the matzoh roca goes in to the fridge to harden up.

Final Step? Break it into a bunch of irresistable pieces, and keep it handy in the freezer. This stuff just tastes best when it's been kept frozen. I swear, it's not tooth-breakingly hard. It's nearly perfect.

 yum yum yum yum

Recipe anyone?

Sidenote: this recipe can also be done with saltine crackers, and would probably be good with lots of other kinds of crackers too!