ilana freddye


Maple Peanut Butter

I've been waiting to post this peanut butter for over a week now.
Do you know how hard that was?

It definitely wasn't easy, I'll tell you that much.

Patient much? Nah, it's not really my adjective.

See, I sent my friend a package of homemade goodies, 
this peanut butter was part of that, and I didn't want to ruin that surprise. 
I'm terrible with surprises when I'm supposed to be the one getting surprised 
but I absolutely love surprising others. 

Tell me you don't thoroughly enjoy making someones day. You can't. Because it's the best.

Why not make someone's day with something as simple as homemade peanut butter?

Yes, I said simple. Very Very Simple.

While this recipe is completely utterly easy and simple, I managed to make it exceptionally difficult.

Here's a tip: 

Don't do this in a blender. In theory it can work, 
BUT (big but!) it takes roughly FOREVER, give or take an over heated blender.

Luckily after the eternally slow blender over heating method shown above, my wonderful friend Conner let me borrow his mini food processor/immersion blender. 

Shortly after, I invested in my own little food processor, so there will surely be more varieties to come.

It's pretty straight forward, it's not packed with funky shelf stabilizing ingredients and it's tasty. 
I see no reason whatsoever not to make this for yourself or for someone else.