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Advanced Cooking, Vegan Day

I was really excited about vegan day in class, I think everyone else was sort of dreading it but all the food was stellar. I used to be a vegetarian, and my biggest pet peeve is when I would get served big bowls of rissoto of pasta. Not that that stuff isn't totally delicious, but hello! vegetarian, as in the vegetables. As in please feed me some damn vegetables! Any other vegetarians out there? Super major frustrating, right?

So what did we make? Homemade Seitan, thanks to a lot of hard work from my teammate Casey.  While Casey kneaded the living day lights out of the wheat  flour Ashley and I got to work on a million different vegetables and garnishes, including crispy farro gremolata with lemon zest, basil, and fried capers, crispy fried artichoke hearts, shaved brussel sprouts sauteed with hazlenuts, sauteed zucchini, and blanched fava beans. It was madness. Ashley had a million pots going at once, it was damn impressive. I also made a super cool black olive oil; first I dehydrated the black olives in a low oven for about...forever and then I blended them into a powder and combined with some extra virgin olive oil. Cool. Vegan Success!

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Here's a look at what the other groups made:

Truly tasty meal, and not just for vegan food. This was some all inclusive, good tasting eats!