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Advanced Cooking, Day 3

This one is fairly overdue.

In all honestly I have a not so kind virus making itself at home in my throat right now.  I never intended to be such a great host. I'm toughing this one out in the general Boston area with a boatload of family, a couple of boxes of matzoh, and a decently sized stack of homework. Before I get to the excitement of Passover and recipes of matzoh-packed madness, I'm gonna fill you in on my cooking class.

Day four was all about the classics. Classic French of course.

Each group had to get their recipe from Georges Auguste Escoffier's Le Guide Culinaire, written in 1903. The book is majorly entertaining, and packed with over 2,000 recipes that are written more like simple how-tos sprinkled with some floral language. It's pretty amusing.

My group made that little bitty steak bite above.

What is it exactly? Tivoli Tornedos with Béarnaise Sauce & Soufflé Potatoes, which basically means a crostini with a mini beef filet medallion, butter cooked tomatoes, grilled mushroom, béarnaise sauce and crispy potatoes. It was pretty tasty, though the potatoes were a challenge because they were meant to puff up but our chef didn't order the right potatoes.

That being said, I really want to try these potatoes out again. They are supposed to puff up like crispy little potato pillows. I can roll with that.

Here's what the other groups made. I love tasting everyone's different meal choices.

This canape trio below was one of my favorites. Really clean crisp flavors, and pretty fun to eat too...

Bon Appetit! Happy Pesach/Easter/Weekend!