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I love Jars: arts & crafts time

I love them.

I store nuts, and seeds, and dressing in jars. I make raspberry jam in jars.

Sometimes I eat my salad out of a jar, I drink my smoothies, bloody marys, and bourbon out of jars.

I even make iced tea in a jar! A big ass jar...

I think mason jars are the best all around container. Not to mention they are pretty fricken cute.

And now I'm taking jars to the next level...

Introducing: Travel Cup Jars!!!

You're totally stoked on this idea aren't you? You can't stop thinking about how awesome these jars would be and you're begging your dad to grab a drill and help you make these.

You're not? Well I was. And so make those jars we did!

All you need is:
  • jars with lids
  • reusable straws- I found these color changing ones at target!
  • a drill (I have no idea what size we used)
  • metal file
  • little rubber circle things (ask a hardware store)
Basically you just drill a hole slightly bigger than the straw in the circle top, file it down with a metal file. The holes we drilled came out really wonky so we went to a hardware store and got those black rubber circles to put around the straw.  This covered the crazy drill holes and keeps the straw nice and snug.

Now I can take my smoothie on the road with no fear of spilling! I can be a little clumsy, but I fully rock it.

I'm in love with my new jar mugs. They would make awesome party favors like these guys did.

Things to consider: I think with more practice they would look even better, spray painting the tops would be adorable, and well these are completely awesome!

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