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Half popped what exactly? Half popped popcorn.

You know how when you get popcorn at the movie theatre you always manage to devour all of it during the previews? And then you're left with very little to snack on for the feature presentation. Well the only, single good thing about that is those half popped kernels chilling out at the bottom of the bag.

I love those.

I love how crunchy and salty they are, honestly they are the reason I eat popcorn.

Well farewell to the days of fully popped boring popcorn and hello to a handful of perfectly half popped popcorn from the folks over at Halfpops. The name fits just right, you know?

They make two flavors: Natural Butter & Sea Salt AND Natural White Cheddar.

I didn't think I'd be into the cheddar but it didn't taste the least bit artificial and I actually ended up loving both flavors. (If you don't believe me you can believe all the empty bags of half pops I ended up with)

I don't know exactly how they do it but these guys have made kernal-magic. They air pop it and somehow manage to get them perfectly partially popped.

And you know what makes them even cooler? They're from Seattle.

How great would a handful of these be with a nice beer? The answer is: SO GREAT. SO SO GREAT.

I'm a snack addict and these have definitely made the cut.

Does anyone else out there love the half popped popcorn? If so, search this brand out, give it a shot, and quit bothering with that microwaveable popcorn you have sitting in your pantry.

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