ilana freddye


Avocado & Kale

Somehow I have yet to obsess about my new favorite breakfast: savory oatmeal.

The options are endless and usually involve some sort of leafy green and avocado. And as per usual, an egg always enhances this breakfast.

Today was no different. Savory oats were on the menu and avocado was surely there, as for the greens? Only the best of the best...Kale!

I'm more of a salty girl when it comes to breakfast but every so often I'll go for sweet and salty. Sweet tastes better with a bit of salt, are we all aware of this? 
Salted Caramel anyone? This will rock your world.

Anywho, the oatmeal...

Basically you can cook the oats however you'd like. Right now I really like old-fashioned rolled oats (not instant!) but steel cut oats are also pretty swell.

You may be thinking I'm crazy for putting cocoa nibs anywhere near this defenseless bowl of oatmeal but I thought they added a great crunch!

Throw a fried/poached egg on top of that beauty...AMAZING. I mean forgettttt about ittt, that's a game changer right there.

Happy breakfast eating!