ilana freddye



sometimes little places end up being really good places. It happens.

sometimes farms are more fun than cities. 

sometime glitter needs to be involved in the day's activities.

sometimes a corn muffin is the best breakfast known to man.
sometimes (usually) pizza is really good when it's thin. 

Which brings me to the Corner Grille in the bustling little city of Worcester, Ma.

I met up with my dear friend Shmapeeza (aliza, oh and shout out to Katherine & Freddie too) and we ended up at this spot.

Check out the funky pizza combos:

Right as we walked in we saw some ladies with a pizza the size of their table so we were pretty much forced to partake and get our own pie.

And now check out how great the vibe of the place is
...baked goods. yes. cool chairs. yes. wood floor. of course.

There's our huuuuuge pizza. Thin and crispy style.

How about this precious mason jar of lemonade "for two."  Think I'll borrow that idea...

Shmapeez, contemplating that impossibly thin crust.

And a view from my drive home. Taconic Parkway: I love you & I hate you.

Make some pizza. Eat some pizza. Get mason jars into your life. End. Of. Story.