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Tomato Sauce

Ready for the simplest recipe ever on earth?

This rivals even the easiest of recipes. I'm talking hot pocket status.

You could probably make this by exerting the same amount of energy you would making a peanut butter and jelly samwich, that is if you're as precise about getting all the edges covered as I am. Some things are sacred. Peanut butter and jelly is one of those things. Respect the art.

For those days that pb&j just won't cut it, those days where you actually want to eat something warm and vaguely resembling a meal. Those days are for this tomato sauce.

Easy as pie. Woah wait, this is significantly easier than pie.

Step one, chop up one small onion. Chop it however you want, go crazy, slice it if that floats your boat!

Step two, cut the tomatoes in half. Which way? Well that depends how you see it. I see it this way:

Drizzle the onions with some olive oil, and cook 'em down over medium heat in your small beat up  sauté pan.

 When the onions are melting down throw in the tomatoes, and a good bit of salt.

 Cook the sauce down until the tomatoes fall apart, about 10 minutes. Though more time won't hurt.

That's it. Seriously, you're done. Throw it in a cute little jar and call it a day.

Goes great on pasta, toast, tofu, chicken, and anything else you can think of.
I forgot meatballs, oh and also shrimp!

You Need:
1 pint of cherry tomatoes, cut in half
1 small onion, chopped up
2-3 tablespoons olive oil
s&p to taste

How To:
  1. Onions and olive oil go in the pan, cook them over medium heat until they melt together. If they start getting brown turn it down to medium-low
  2. Add the tomatoes, s&p. If there is stickage add another drizzle of olive oil
  3. Cook down until its melty and saucy, around 10 -15 minutes
  4. You're done. Eat it up baby!
Feeling adventurous? You could add some basil, parsley, fresh oregano (I find dried oregano somewhat unpleasing, just an fyi there), minced garlic, a bay leaf, crushed red pepper flakes, or what about some roasted peppers even...