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Simple, Delicious Food

With all the junk (awesome delicious junk) I manage to eat on the weekends, I try to eat pretty clean during the week, save for a bite of a delicious baked good every now and again.

It would probably be wise to transfer this clean eating over to the weekends but honestly when I'm in New York City I'd rather just enjoy the amazing restaurants crowding just about every single block.

But for the days of simple, clean, food that makes me feel energized and down right awesome these bars from CORE foods are the answer. uhhh, yum!

They are totally raw, packed with protein and sure to get you energized. You can check out the nutritional information here.

I thoroughly enjoyed snackin on these for breakfast and if you're into bars, you really have to got to try these, they don't taste artificial or unnaturally sweet like some other bars out there.

Live a little. Give 'em a shot!

I had never tried the Raw Almond Raisin before and I really liked it, and did I mention each bar is a whole meal? Just chug some water down and you're good to go for a busy day of working/schooling/being lazy...any or all of the above!

That being said the Raw Walnut Banana totally stole the show. With only SIX ingredients this bar somehow manages to taste like banana bread. It's ridiculous, HOW DO THEY DO IT?!

If you're super curious like I was you can buy these bars over here, or you can just read about the cool folks at CORE Foods. I recommend you do, because they are awesome people and you just don't see that all the time in companies.

Simple. Clean. Tasty!
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