ilana freddye



My family loves kale. I'm not sure about my brother, but I'm confident we could convert him.

Kale is the bees knees, the cats pajamas, the best.

Top Vegetables: Kale, Brussels Sprouts, Peas. Gotta love them greens.

You know what's so great about kale? Everything.
Oh, and also that you can make chips out of kale. The legendary kale chip. I'm some what in love.

I could snack on kale chips for days. And I pretty much have been doing just that.

I just got hooked up with some samples from Rhythm Superfoods and now I'm in full kale chip obsession mode. Let it ride.

These guys are all about making good ol' healthy snacks, and you know what? They taste damn good.

I liked the Mango Habanero flavor the best, tangy and a bit spicy. Completely addicting.
I wish I had a dehydrator, but I don't so I'm pretty happy these guys are making some stellar kale chips.

They also make sweet potato chips. Fat free, raw, vegan... the whole deal. These were super thin, light and crispy.

I think these folks have got an awesome company, they cover all the good stuff-local, organic, natural, healthy, and affordable. I'm pretty impressed.

My favorite line from their website?

"It doesn't matter how healthy something is, if it doesn't taste good"

Dig it.