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Joseph Leonard

I think I've made it obnoxiously clear how much I love brunch (re: PruneLocanda Verde & Jeffrey's Grocery)

What's not to be obsessed with? Bloody Mary's & Sleeping in? I'm sold.

Staying true to both the above criteria, I've got a new go-to brunch spot for ya...

Ladies and Gentlemen: Joseph Leonard.

I knew I was going to like this place when 1.) I saw the inside of the restaurant & 2.) I saw that they served their omelet with french fries and brioche. 

Look familiar? It's owned by the same guy that own's Jeffrey's Grocery right across the street.

We ended up waiting for quite some time, which was fine because we weren't ravenous just yet AND while waiting we spotted Jesse Tyler Ferguson (from Modern Family). 

I always seem to have celebrity sightings when I'm with my cousin Lily, we also always seem to go to brunch, at least lately. 

When we finally got a table they hooked us up with fresh fruit, fries & their amazing brussels sprouts for being so patient (can't say that's regularly one of my strong suits but I hear it's a virtue...)

Customer service win for everyone!

Shredded roasted brussels sprouts with sriracha. It's like they asked me what a few of my favorite things were, put them all in one dish and gave them to me free. So. Damn. Happy.

And as we demolished our treats we dove in to some bloody marys.

I got the "Bloody Caeser" vodka, clamato, sriracha, chipotle, oyster

Spicy and delicious. And hello! There was an oyster. AMAZING.

Mom got the "Bloody Mary No. 20" vodka, tomato, olive, beer chaser (sidenote: hello hand model!)

Perfectly classic and the beer chaser was a stellar touch. You know how I feel about those perfect square ice cubes too, don't you? Sign of a good meal to come.

Somehow we saved room for the main course, though we definitely couldn't finish everything off. 

My mom, my cousin/prop stylist/sous chef, and I shared everything. 

It's how we do. It's literally in our genetic makeup. We cannot help it.

My choice? Avocado toast with eggs over medium. 

The eggs were cooked exactly how I like them, this is usually not the case. I don't roll with runny whites, it's just not right. Runny yolk & crispy white...perfection.

Everything was deeelicious but the avocado toast was my favorite. Simple and well executed. 

Mum went with the polenta and crispy pork belly.

"Pork belly is the reason we eat meat."

And lily chose the mushroom and eggs complete with sunny side up eggs, brie & onion marmalade.

Dig it.

I loved this meal, and I loved this menu. The decor is rustic and hip and well, I loved that too. 

Oh and the service? Hilarious. 

What more could I possibly say?