ilana freddye


Twenty Twelve

I never used to buy into the new years resolution thing. 

I guess I got looped in cuz it seems like every year 'round this time I'm resolving something or other, but I try to keep them fun for the most part. 

This past year (2011) I set out with the lofty mission of making more mistakes, and in this year a deer ran into my car, I fell off of a skate ramp (bruised leg like you wouldn't believe), yelled at some people, drank a little too much Jameson at times, failed at pickling vegetables, threw up behind a dumpster, had a panic attack from wearing a neck tie, didn't brine the thanksgiving turkey, went to a chinese/American buffet (not proud of that one), and didn't study for a couple finals...among a few other things.

Mistakes made. And enjoyed.

So what's up for 2012? Well, I'm starting with the goal of eating more oysters.

I ended the year with some good oyster eating, but I'm ready to kick it up a notch.

To get a head start on this epic resolution we headed over to The Walrus & The Carpenter just before the new year. Pictures to come!