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I Love Pickles

I like a lot of things, I love a couple things, and I strongly dislike a couple of things too (applesauce, cough cough) but let me tell you...I really love pickles quite a bit, there's just nothing like an awesome kosher dill or a garlicy half sour.

these pickles are courtesy of 2nd avenue deli
An ode to pickles? I could write a whole book, though I also feel a haiku is in order.

Realistically though I'm just going to give a little credit to some gentlemen I know who ventured into pickle making a few weeks back.

Not only was I invited to partake in this pickle making event (to which I eagerly rsvp'd YES) but it was a roaring success.

Good thing this went so well because last time I tried to make pickles it was a beer-induced failure.

Alex & Tyler (the pickle masters) snagged a simple recipe that you can find here.

It got altered a bit as we had no pickling spice, or dill seed so the boys opted for fresh dill, jalapeƱos, and some sliced onions.

 Don't forget the spice! A good deal of red pepper flakes jumped in there too, as well as black pepper.

This recipe called for apple cider vinegar but I'd love to try white vinegar and use that tasty pickle juice in a bloody mary. 

Don't you worry! Dorm-room-pickle-juice-bloody marys went down (miniature ice cubes included).

And they went down in true dorm room style...with a side of PBR and peanuts of course!

Back to the pickles though...

Sealing the jars was a bit of an obstacle with one tiny pot but uhhhh we made it work...

O'Pott's Pickles. Absolutely gorgeous...and delicious.