ilana freddye


Big Thanks

Has anyone been to Eleven Madison Park ?

I'm dying to go. Though, that's going to require some major saving. Someday. Someday.

These guys are so cool, they turned this restaurant around and from what I've heard they had a pretty fun time making it all happen.

I was lucky enough to get sent this cookbook from the generous folks at EMP and let me just tell you, wow wow wow.

This cookbook is packed with some pretty lofty recipes, and is visually stunning.  The pictures are gorgeous and really capture how much detail and precision they put into plating their dishes.

get out of town! so much color.

If you're at all curious about this restaurant get this book. I would honestly buy it just for the pictures. Hopefully when I head home over the summer I'll be able to test some of these recipes out, like the sweet potato beignet with chocolate and chestnut honey. We'll see how that goes...

If you're interested, you can find the book here.