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My 95 year old grandfather has the most particular palette of anyone I know.

He's a tough customer but he also appreciates a good meal and you've just gotta love that.

My friends and I made ravioli for dinner one night when we were over in Boston and he hasn't stopped talking about it since. Naturally, I just couldn't resist making him another ravioli feast so that is exactly what we did. 

I made the pasta dough right when I woke up so it was out of the way and ready to go later on.

I really enjoy baking first thing when I wake up. Some people like coffee, and that's fine but I wouldn't mind starting most of my days by making a nice loaf of bread. Take it or leave it.

I made the pasta dough in a mixer this time. I really don't have a particular ratio I use but it's something like a cup of flour(double zero "00" flour is the best) to each egg yolk. Mix it all up and then knead it for a bit and let it rest. I'm also really itching to try out this 7-yolk pasta dough recipe and this super simple butter and tomato sauce too.

While that dough was going on, Aubrey made the garlic knots. We opted for this recipe and I think you should too...right now. You should also just click that link to look at their gorgeous photos. Woah.

My cousin, Liza helped with getting all the knots in the oven while we got to work rolling out the pasta and stuffing them with the two fillings.

By the way for the mushroom filling I sauteed some shrooms in olive oil, added a bit of white wine and then cooled them off. Then I chopped them up and mixed in some ricotta, salt & pepper. 

Aubrey made the pumpkin ravioli with canned pumpkin, sauteed onion, sage, ricotta & nutmeg.

Leftovers. Lots of leftovers.

And then the final products, lots and lots of raviolis:

Let it be known that the garlic knot recipe makes enough for weeks. For sure, not a bad thing.

Another great trip to Boston and a great meal. I love having family so close by, it's the best kind of weekend vacation.

Oh and Happy Chanukah!