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The Most Popular Borough

I think I have made it pretty clear how much I adore Brooklyn. 

So it shouldn't come as a surprise that I made yet another trip into the city mostly just to play around Brooklyn.

Todays mission: Fetta Sau (Love this picture of the sign by the way. My friend, Tyler snapped the awesome shot on his iphone)

This is a true BBQ haven, with a rotating assortment of smoked meets sold by the pound you better come with one hell of an appetite.

And that's exactly what we did...

We ordered the Pork Belly, St. Louis style Ribs, Baked Beans, and of course a couple of Half Sour Pickles.

If pickles are on the menu, I am going to be ordering them and that is just a fact of life.

The sauces were best when they were all mixed up together, maybe not the prettiest puddle of flavor but it tasted pretty superb.

We also shared a Kelso St Gowanus Ale and enjoyed it with the heaping pile of food.

I was stuffed by end and ready for a nice stroll around the streets of Williamsburg.

One of the most impressive parts of the place, was their bourbon list. It seemed endless! And had it not been so early in the day I most definitely would have done some damage. I'd love to go back and try some of the bourbon. Any takers?

By the way, how cool is the wall in Fette Sau?

After a good amount of strolling around we landed on Mast Brothers Chocolate.  This was an amazing place to land, I've wanted to check out their shop for a long time and being met with a table of chocolate samples wasn't the worst thing ever...

We made sure to do a couple of rounds to figure out our favorite chocolate blends.

Not only is the chocolate delicious but the packaging is nearly perfect. Scratch that, it's totally perfect.

I somehow resisted buying a bag of cocoa nibs. They have the most amazing texture and a flavor that I seriously cannot put my finger on. 

While we tasted, someone was up at counter making a huuuuge purchase. Jealous of whoever's getting those for gifts! 

The next stop was Blue Bottle

Don't hate me butttt.... I really don't enjoy coffee. It just doesn't do it for me. I drink it for a pick me up and that's about the only reason.

I'm always happy to proven wrong though, and this cup of coffee totally proved me wrong. It was truly tasty, not bitter, and delicious without anything added.

On the rare occasion I do drink coffee, I prefer it black and this cup was perfect just like that.

Then there was some more leisurely walking and I spotted this precious little sign

Tyler loves milk, so I made sure to stop by Momofuku Milk Bar to introduce him to cereal milk soft serve. Obviously it was a hit.

Have you tried it? You've really got to!

After that, we grabbed a beer (a zesty IPA) in the west village and headed over to Grand Central to grab a train up to school.

Another successful trip, filled with food.