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In case you wanted to know more about culinary school

I've been back at school for about a month now. So I suppose it's high time I stop saying"back at school" and just realize that this is my life for a while now.

Culinary school is weird though. Weird in that it's really nothing like any other school I have ever heard of and I'll try to show you why...

For starters, our dining hall is actually a number of kitchens that we as students cook in as our classes.

Now that I am in the Bachelor's program I don't get to cook unless I'm working but this is still where I eat...

It's pretty crazy how spoiled we are.

This was a great dinner of grilled swordfish and veggies over sweet/savory cous cous.  There was also a smear of spicy harissa on the side and a side plate of Mediterannean Meze: falafel, hummus, whole wheat pita, tzatziki, baba ganoush & tabouli.

Sometimes in the big hall that we eat in, they display award winning cakes....

By the way, that colorful looking glass thing isn't glass at all, it's entirely edible. 

It's also rather unusual that we are able to save up our "dining hall" swipes and use them at the restaurants on campus. 

This was a stellar lunch of wood fired pizza with mushrooms, caramelized onions, arugula & truffle oil and a side salad of prociutto and mozzarella. 

Life is just so fancy here. Ha I'm not complaining though!

Kind of amazing that one of my classes is all about brewed beverages, beer being the main topic.

Last week we tasted seaweed ale. Interesting but truly unpleasant tasting.

Our school is pretty much one main building, a building that was once a Monastery.  It's beautiful and reminiscent of Hogwarts at times.

Though from this angle it looks more like a penitentiary.

Here's another meal on campus. Once a block (3 weeks) one of the classes puts on Grand Buffet where they make a variety of small plates based on different regions.

Then all the students fight their way through to get as many tastes as possible. It's incredibly stressfull so this was the first time I partook this year.

Here's a peak from when my class did Grand Buffet...

I got some asian noodles, a mini empanada, some type of duck terrine that I didn't like (it was too smokey), a cheese plate, a little falafel bite with amazing tahini, a french lentil salad, and some caponata. I don't remember what else there was but there was quite a bit of food floating around...

All that being said, I think the weirdest part is having a campus full of students walking around in chef whites(the uniform)...and those hats! The french toque, strangely expensive to replace and even more strange is how normal those hats are to me now....