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Holiday Markets & Overweight Vegetables

I forgot to tell you, but my first weekend back in New York was spent in the city becuase, I mean...why not?

I got all artsy/classy on the train and snapped a boat load of photos as we drank a bottle of white wine.

Yes, that IS how you travel in style.


We had dinner at Mary's Fish Camp (after prune politely declined us) with my wonderful cousin and some new friends Danielle & Gabriela.

I love when everyone just goes all in and shares a bunch of stuff. It's my favorite kind of dining.

I don't have pictures because it was so dark but my favorite dish was the fried oysters & clams with chunky tarter sauce.

There's a beautiful picture of it on their website if you need some visual satisfaction.

The next day we walked around the Union Square Holiday Market for a morning activity.

 Spices, meatballs, pretzels, cookies, coffee, nicknacks...the whole shebang.

Next we headed to Brooklyn for the last outdoor Brooklyn Flea.

The lobster roll looked bomb but we shared the more student-budget friendly Shrimp Roll.

Wonderfully delicious.

These eggs looked pretty fab too.

We meandered through Brooklyn. Have I mentioned I would like to move there after school? I really would like to. Roommates 2013 anyone?

Then we landed at Saltie, perhaps my favorite sandwich shop this side of the Mississippi.

This time we shared the "balmy". I didn't so much enjoy the ham they had on it because you couldn't taste the paté but it was still a pretty superb creation. Love those pickled veggies & all the herbs!

My favorite sammy so far was for sure the "captain's daughter" that we shared back in the summer. Pickled anything and Sardines?! These are a few of my favorite thinggggggs

Next door is Momofuku Milk Bar. Our buddy Yos spotted us and showed us around the place. 

He hooked us up with a tour of the back and samples of the incomparable soft serve. The cereal milk flavor is one of the most genius sweet treats on this planet.

It tastes like the milk leftover from a bowl of cornflakes in the best way ever possible.

He also gave us these apple pie cake truffles.

I really dislike apple pie and I thoroughly enjoyed these. Now I'm dying to try the other cake truffle flavors on the menu.

We then made our way back downtown and rested our tired feeties at my cousins dorm.

I spotted Balaboosta, the woman who opened Taim (best falafel in the city) owns this restaurant so I'd like to check it out sometime. Add it to the list!

Our final destination before heading back to school was The Fat Radish for Aubrey's birthday dinner!

The place was adorable with revealed brick walls and big mirrors.

They greeted us with some crisp radishes drizzled with olive oil. How appropriate....and delicious.

We shared the Duck Rillette, Kale Caeser, Beet Crumble & Duck Fat Fries.

I'm a sucked for Kale Caeser. Gets me everytime! May have been my favorite dish...

The Beet Crumble was unlike anything I have had before, perfect for a cold winter day.

It was layered with beets, goat cheese & swiss chard and topped with oats and hazelnuts. I think some variation of this would also make a nice dip.

The swiss chard was my favorite part of the dish. I love swiss chard. I grew/harvested a ton of it in Israel and have a huge appreciation for the colorful vegetable.

Bahhhh I have to run off to class. School update to come!