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Mediterranean Feast: The Last of It

Oh no! Does anyone even remember what the menu was? What Mediterranean feast? 

Ha! fear not, check out all the deeeets


, and look at this to get the vibe

Hopefully that gets you in the mood, now to finish off this meal, I'm going to fill you in (as best I can) on the chicken Tagine & the pita bread. 

I just want to get this out there right now:

I don't exactly remember what I did for the chicken. My apologies, because it was really good. 

Good news is I am a great story teller, so if this attempt at a recap results in a horrid recipe at least it won't be too boring. 

I think it kind of looks like a mess, but messes can taste great and I think that is a life lesson.

Cherish that gem.

Here's the basic idea:

Chicken thighs (skin on)

Oil Cured Black Olives


Chicken Stock

Large Yellow Onion, sliced across the grain

Canned Plum tomatoes (strained of the juices and crushed with your hands)

Cinnamon Sticks


Ground Cinnamon

Groun Cumin

A bunch of roughly chopped Cilantro

  1. Trim the extra fat off the chicken, season both sides with kosher salt & pepper (slightly more pepper than usual)
  2. Add some of the cumin, and turmeric and coat the chicken. Be generous. Add a few little shakes of the cinnamon 
  3. Sear the thighs, skin side in a hot pan, with a tiny bit of olive oil (only a few at a time) A heavy bottom pan works best
  4. When the skin has crisped up and is golden, remove the chicken to a large roasting pan or if you're only doing a few pieces you can use a dutch oven
  5. When all the chicken is done, cook the onions in the fat for at least 30 minutes over medium-low heat so they are melted but have very little color
  6. Spread the chicken out in one layer, add a cinnamon stick or two, some prunes, some olives and the tomatos and cover with the chicken stock
  7. Then cover it with tinfoil, and put it in a 350 degree oven for an hour or two. I left mine in longer. The chicken is done when it is falling off the bone. 
  8. I topped it off with cilantro to serve

I had 12 chicken thighs, used two large cans of tomatoes, and couple handfuls of the prunes and the olives. Hope that helps a little. 

What a meal, what a meal!

One of the biggest hits was this flatbread, it was relatively easy and I will definitely be making it again.

This is where I found the recipe, thank you Bon Appetite Magazine, not only do you offer gorgeous photography and graphic design...the food tastes good too! Let me work for you?

I followed that recipe except I used bread flour so it would be extra chewy, and might have added some extra water but I can't quite recall...I can't be trusted!

Also, I didn't use their spice blend. Instead, before grilling I rolled out the dough then plopped each piece in a little sheet pan I had set up with a drizzle of olive oil and a good dousing of Za'atar.

Have you ever had Za'atar? I love it. Think I'm speaking in tongues and never heard of this lovely spice blend? Well thank heavens for the internet, here's some info.

Then I threw em' on the grill and they cooked up in just about a minute or two.

I want to make that flatbread RIGHT now. I'm in dorm room...and it's midnight and I think I just drooled a little... get over it. It's grilled bread, it has that kind of power.

I forgot to mention!

Tomorrow begins my "No Butter Left Behind Act" AKA THANKSGIVING 2011!!

Get ready, get set, get comfy, get into some sweats and be prepared to stuff your jolly little face off because this is America and it's our thing, ok?

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