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Frisco Details

Ok so it took me a bit of time but here I am and it's high time I fill you in on the damage that was done in San Francisco. We did it big.

I can't fit all these ridiculous eats in to one post, because honestly some of these meals probably deserve a blog of their own, if not photo album.

So to begin the Foodbuzz Festival...

It was a good time and I met some wonderful people like DanielleGabrielaKaileyGinaKatieShannon, and Diana to name a few. I also took a wonderful photography class from Ashley, and shared a great laugh with Courtney. And of course, my partner in crime this weekend was Aubrey. She talks to food. It's ok, we've gotten used to it.

So here's a look at the weekend, starting with a beer with Gabriela, Aubrey & Kailey. Is a beer necessary before going to cocktail party? Sometimes yes, yes it is.

Don't be fooled by the glass, this was a Lagunitas IPA. It was delicious, thank you Aubrey for the recommendation/for constantly talking about how much you love this beer. 

Then there was dinner and a little cocktail bit with snacks from Sabra, Hummus anyone?

There was a tasty meal with some small plates made by theses guys in the white jackets...

And a dessert of macarons and mini tarts. The gingerbread macaron was the clear winner for me.

Ok it's time to talk about Saturday. The morning began with some great sessions, and then THE TASTING PAVILION. 

Woah, the tasting pavilion was great. Lots of companies, lots of tastes, lots of fun...and my brother got to come. Aubrey, Alex & I made our way around the room like pros. 


It was somewhat magical. Ok, yes I'm being dramatic but you wish you were there. It was a room full of free edible goodies, and booze. I mean come on...
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