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Eat Your Way Through SF pt. II

It's all about Hog Island Oysters this time.

I had walked by the place many a time (four times total actually) but only ended up eating there after a great recommendation from a friend. (thanks by the way!)

We stopped by before going to the airport and ended up getting there a bit early so we patiently waited for them to open and watched these guys get their prep on. 

I should have known the meal would be wonderful, even the waiting was a joy...partially because of the great staff, and the wonderful playlist but I'd like to also give a good deal of credit to this visitor...

and the battle that ensued...

Before long the little guy had claimed defeat and right as the show was ending, it was time for lunch!

Better luck next time buddy.

We sat at the bar, right in front of all the oysters. Word to the wise: ALWAYS SIT AT THE BAR.

I swear, sitting at the bar will work in your favor.
For a party of two, the bar is the way to go. Let it be known.

Perks of the bar: meeting new people like this fine fellow

Not only did he provide some amusement but he also strongly recomended we order the grilled cheese.

SAY WHAAAAAT?? grilled cheese at an oyster bar? pish posh! 
We gave in and went for it though. Lo and behold this gentleman knew what he was talking about.

Listen, I'm not the biggest grilled cheese fan. I honestly prefer cheese straight up, not melted, but really this was daaaaamn good. It was crunchy and creamy and delicious.

I would have NEVER thought to order it.

And the pickled veg? Well, they clearly know the way to my heart.

The test of any great grilled cheese.

And a perfect last bit slathered in hot sauce. No, not tabasco. This was Tapatio.

Oh yeah, we had oysters first. Duh.

Wonderful, sweet pacific oysters. 

Kusshi, Kumomoto & Sweetwaters

And some bread. Hey cute butter dish!

Oysters Casino too. 

I don't know what to say except mmmmmm

Phew, what a meal what a meal. I'm so glad we went, between the friendly staff, the phenomenal food, and the waterfront view it was a memorable tuesday indeed.

And with that I have been thrown in to a full blown oyster addiction.

Shucker in hand, I'm embracing this addiction wholeheartedly.

We had some time to kill before heading to the airport so I snagged some shots around the ferry building.

Wait, I'm still thinking about oysters...