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Eating Your Way Through SF pt. I

Now that I've covered the festival it's time to approach some of the culinary madness that ocurred after the event.

Let me begin by giving major credit to my brother, for a kid who goes down as the pickiest eater I have ever met, he has become a serious food guy.  If you're looking for a food tour of San Francisco, he's your guy. Aubrey and I were spoiled really..

(the following was devoured over a series of 3 a little jealous and maybe a little nauseous too)

First there was Ike's, my brother and his friend Lewis hyped this place up quite a bit but it did not disappoint. dutch crunch bread? check. huge ass sandwich? check. special sauce? check.
Just go there, get your hands dirty...order one of their crazy combos, eat an enormous sandwich and understand that going to Ike's was one of the better decisions you made in your life.

There was also Tartine Bakery. I could live in this Bakery. It's that adorable. The display case is gosh darn art.

An almond croissant, banana chocolate tart & coffee were ordered. Everything was grand.

We also spotted the enormous sandwiches that they offered, so big they are cut into thirds...

And the flowers were really pretty so...look at those.

We probably would have devoured one of those sandwiches but we got our salty fix at frjtz on our walk over to Tartine...

Wait, I can tell you're probably in awe of how much Aubrey and I ate. But uh, get over it! It was downright awesome.

Frjtz offered crispy crunchy fries and a decent list of dipping sauces but let's be was no competition for Pommes Frites.

Would I have liked it better had I enjoyed a few cocktails as I do prior to most visits to Pommes Frites? It's hard to say but I'd probably still choose Pommes Frites...It's THAT good.

And to finish off, I leave you with Bob's. The best damn donuts I have ever eaten.

"A cold Bob's apple fritter is better than anything you will ever eat but a warm any-other-Bob's donut is better than a cold apple fritter"

So wise. That being said the crullers were hot out of the fryer when we got there so we patiently waited and I've got to say the crullers were the best donuts of my life....yes, better than the apple fritter.

I call this one "suspense"

p.s. before Bob's we we had this for dinner

Can you say carbonara pizza?? my brother had made reservations at Cotogna. Here's what you need to know: ask for the bread (it's focaccia and it's stellar) & order the ricotta with brown butter and squash.

Cotogna + Bob's= perfect meal.  

Part II coming soon, in the meantime you can just start booking your flight to the bay area...
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