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Weekend Snapshots

have you met roxy?
It's so nice that phones have cameras these days.
As I said to my brother just a few days ago as I started using my new iphone...the future is pretty nice, wouldn't you say?

Let's just get that out there, it's a wonderful convenience and this is my ode to pocket sized photography.

On that note, I really would like to buy these mini lenses. how cool are those??

volunteering at the pantry at delancey

I helped out in one of the cooking classes and had such a great time. It's just about the cutest place you could hope to cook at.

great linen aprons at the pantry, I could get used to the look

i love peas. they had 2 great cameos over the past 3 days. once with eggs, lox & onions. woah.
these guys have been around in our house since we were tots

my brother was just in NYC for the weekend, I wish I could have been there. At least he managed to grab some good grub with my cousin....ramen anyone?

 momofuku noodle bar

sunday night sushi with the folks

love this sign i've been seeing around whole foods. great design, right?

guess what? I also like to draw and I'm pretty proud of this one. what do you think?
You can check it out over at my friend's blob.
amazing seats at the sounders game! thanks gina.
someone left their window open during the game. woops, thoroughly amusing

There was also some pickling and homemade brew that was enjoyed this weekend, but thats a story for another time. yes, you should be excited for that time to come!

Between the beer making, sounders game, beer drinking, brunch in kirkland, pickling, volunteering, chillin in delancey, eatin some good food, and the good company I laughed my ass off this weekend and I hope you did the same.

So, did anyone do anything fun this weekend? any mention-worthy grub?

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