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Crispy Potatoes

You may have noticed some starchy little guys chillin on the plate with those zucchini noodles.  Those are some damn tasty potatoes and I'm gonna tell you how to make them.

You're stoked. I can tell.

The potatoes were inspired by a dish at The American Bounty (restaurant at school) and seemed so easy I had to give 'em a try. Aubrey also just made them and it reminded me of their existence.

What you need:

Small Potatoes, I don't remember specifically what sort these were
Oil, I used the Olive kind
Baking Sheet
Something to smash with
Frying Pan/Skillet

Bake the potatoes straight on the baking sheet for about 25 minutes in a 400 degree oven

Take them out, let them chill for a little bit

Then, smash the potatoes, I used a little silver pitcher from Starbucks for steamed milk and it worked smashingly (yes, that was intentional. yes, I smiled as I typed it)

After that, you gotta heat up some oil in a skillet. Make sure the oil is nice and hot, but not smoking.

Then put the potatoes in and cook them on each side until they are crispy. Remove them and let them dry off on a stack of paper towels. 

Make sure to salt the taters right as they come out of the pan so it sticks. Unsalted potatoes are a sin. Fact.

That's it. I think at the restaurant we tossed them in some chopped garlic so I would say that would be a great next step but I was just looking for some straight up crispy taters so I stopped the bus here.

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