ilana freddye



Any idea of what the title means?!

No? well, then onward with the brew!

History seems to prove that this kid and I always have some sort of ridiculous and/or genius idea, this summer that idea was beer. And not just drinking it, we went ahead and tried to make some for ourselves.

The story begins in Brooklyn, where I stumbled upon The Brooklyn Brew Shop stand at The Brooklyn Flea. Wait, Brooklyn is great...that should be noted.

Moving on, I saw the beer making kits and was instantly in need of my own. Suddenly feeling thrifty(note to self: beer & whisky are two arenas where thriftiness is SOMETIMES absurdity) I decided not to buy the kit, later when I told my buddy about it became clear I had made the wrong decision.

Have no fear though, I went to the website and promptly ordered the Grapefruit Honey Ale Kit.

Good save because this beer was tasty. Kind of thought it wouldn't come out so edible but it was really good. Sweet and light and packed with carbonation.

Making it was fun too, I'd like to buy a refill, perhaps for thanksgiving brewing? I'm thinking IPA this time or one of the wild kinds they offer.

There were a lot of steps but nothing too challenging, we felt like we were going to screw it up so we just kept referring back to the detailed direction sheet.

I've got to throw some big thank yous over to Aaron for bottling our little beer. Sadly, I had to head back to school before that step of the process. The syphoning sounded like a blast!

Word to the wise: Don't drink the beer BEFORE you attempt to make pickles...

While some of the pictures may have turned out nice the pickles on the other hand did not.
I'm not going to say inedible or even gross but it was no great performance on our part and I'm not necessarily craving them...

I'll be rectifying the pickle mess this week. I'm going for pickled red onions this time, but until then I hope you reflect on why you have yet to attempt making your own beer.

Ok, maybe that's not necessary but I would at least go check out the The Brooklyn Brew Shop site!