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Walrus & The Carpenter

So I had dinner at the Walrus & The Carpenter last night.

Let me just begin by saying wow, just wow. I don't really know what to type so I'm not going to say much but this meal definitely ranks in my best meals ever list.

Just picture an adorable little oyster bar with an almost nonexistent kitchen, you won't know what hit you when the food comes out. 

And yeah, it lived up to the hype. (NY Times & Bon Appétit Magazine)

My friend from culinary school was in town and we did it up, I'm so happy we ended up here for dinner. 

Dan made it clear right from the start that we were going to order quite a bit of food. So glad he was there for this meal. We did serious damage. The menu didn't stand a chance.

Dan quickly formulated a game plan.
Oysters to start of course. 
We went with the barron point (on the left of the dish) & the baywater sweets.
sidenote: best oysters I've ever had. I always wished I loved oysters (to my two oyster-aholics Taylor & Aaron, I've got to say I finally get it) These were so delicious they really needed nothing with them. 

we tried the pierre luneau-papin muscadet & the marchesi di gresy sauvignon blanc. 
The Sauvignon Blanc was delicious. All I know was that it was tasty and that's all I can say for sure I'm not about to get  all wine nerd on this right now.

Brandade: it's like potatoes whipped with fish into it and was topped with the richest cheese

spot prawns with harissa. these smelled so amazing. 
white anchovies with smoked paprika & avocado

This was a big hit: grilled sardines, shallot, walnut & parsley

serrano ham with cantaloupe & basil (the ham was so good we both preferred it without the cantaloupe)
smoked trout with pickled onions, chives, lentils, creme fraiche & walnut
The trout dish was perfect. Everything on this plate was meant to be eaten this way. Yes, dramatic. BUT it was that good

There was hardly room for everything. There's a peak of the house cured steelhead in the back corner
steak tartare
goin in for the kill
Somehow we got dessert. I know it doesn't look very pretty but It was down right delicious. The edges were crisped up and a little bit caramely chewy. Great end to the meal.
maple bread pudding with espresso butter sauce & whipped cream
I want to take everyone that visits to eat here. Not to sound like a kid, but this restaurant is just plain dope.

On a ridiculous note, this happened on the way back to the car...