ilana freddye



I get pretty stoked about school when we have "tastings" It's the educational way of saying that we get to drink beer/wine in the middle of the day before we do our class work. no complaints here.

Yesterday, we tasted some beer. I'm an IPA girl myself, though the others were alriiiight. Again, no complaints tastings are always welcome in my world.

The Budweiser was well, Budweiser. It is what it is. Does the trick, right? 
The Hennepin, from Omegang Brewery was nice and light. 
Then there was the Backyard IPA, not my favorite IPA but a nice hoppy beer nonetheless.
And then the Keegan Ales, Mother's Milk, a darker beer. I thought I would hate that one, but surprise surprise, I kinda liked it. Don't know if I could stomach more than a small taste, but it wasn't too heavy and tasted like dessert. Anyone out there like Guinness? that stuff is way too heavy for me. 

Last week, we did a little cheese tasting. AMAZING

We tasted the cheese with a Malbec (great red wine, highly reccomend trying Malbec if you're into reds....this Ben Marco is a great option), an IPA, an unoaked Chardonnay, and the Hennepin beer. Obviously, it was a great afternoon.

My favorites for the cheese:
Kunik from Nettle Meadow (it's the one that looks like brie...and is just so delicious and creamy)
Camembert from Old Chatham Sheepherding Company
and the Caveman Blue Cheese from The Rogue Creamery in Oregon (this cheese smells TERRIBLE, but it tastes real nice with some walnuts)

Off to class, today we are tasting mixed drinks!