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Ever wonder what a culinary school graduation looks like? downright silly. I'm a graduation critic though- it's a whole lot of cheeze and ceremonial moving around. but it is what it is right?

We marched in a single file line. totally normal, every day activities. (there I am by that woman's clapping hands)

Then we sat on the stage. I'm glad we had a small class because we got to have the ceremony in our dining hall, and I think it's a grand ol' room, don't you agree?

Cutest graduate?

After graduating on friday, we quickly packed up my room and headed into the city for the weekend. of course it was not a seamless move, my non-existent immune system played it's part and I was pretty darn sick, oh! and I lost my id mid-moving out so I was unable to get in and out of the dorm. nothing wrong with a few challenges to keep the day exciting.

We headed into the city and had dinner at ABC kitchen. Even if the food hadn't been out of this world, and it was out of this world, it was was wonderful...I'm just saying, if it hadn't, the atmosphere alone was perfect. Like how-I-want-my-home-to-look-perfect. Chandeliers, beautiful handmade ceramic bowls, vintage china, a big table full of vegetables, wood ceilings...just plain lovely.

I didn't snag any picture of the meal but I can tell you this dessert was a great invention: salted caramel ice cream sundae with candied peanuts & popcorn, whipped cream, and chocolate sauce

The next day we stopped by Eataly and my cousin who just started at NYU joined us, our hotel was conveniently only a block away. Eataly is one hell of a place, I won't even bother describing it. Just go.

The city was bustling with all the 9/11 madness but we manged to stop by ground zero/world trade center area on the 10th. Here's the new building in progress. It's enormous.

To finish off the weekend we headed to prune for brunch. My wonderful pops snagged a spot in line and my mum and I got ready like the divas we are and met him there just in time to grab a table.

The place fills up right at 10 o'clock

damn paparazzi just can't get enough of me...

Stewed Chickpeas with crispy coated poached eggs

Crispy Oyster Omelet with remoulade & a tobasco/powdered sugar slurry


& a taste of the pumpkin bread

a little bit of licorice with the check. I love how they have fun stuff with the bill, last time they gave us fresh cherries.

Oh, and of course a bloody mary! I'm on an endless bloody mary kick right now

And so the weekend flew by. Now, I am spending some time in Boston, catching up with family before heading back west for a bit. Gotta love them coasts!