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Doesn't Get Much Better Than This

So, another three day weekend comes to an end at the CIA and in just one week I will be graduating with my associates degree!

Back to talking about the was grand. On Saturday I went down to the city with 
Aubrey and Kelli and headed to Brooklyn with my cousin, Lily who just started at NYU-I'm so excited for her, going to college in Manhattan should be one crazy ride.

We found a street filled with street vendors when we first got there and I snagged some pickles from the first pickle stand I saw-half sour, dill, and some ridiculously spicy one that was decidedly painful to eat.

I saw the cool street light below on the way to the subway. It was covered in those plastic slip through ties....uhh I just realized I have no idea what those are called. Do they have a name?


Then, we went to Smorgusburg in Brooklyn. It was an outdoor market dedicated solely to local restaurants/food trucks/amazing young people starting their own business and selling delicious snacks and sorts. There were some awesome little stands, I'm thoroughly impressed with some folk's little ideas.

Like, a stand dedicated just to fried anchovies.

and homemade bread with fresh mozzarella, basil, nectarines, homemade hot sauce, and some other delicious things I don't remember.

Then we wandered over to Saltie for a samwich. 

For sure ranks on the "best sandwiches of my life" list

We got The Captain's Daughter, focaccia---yum.

Momofuko Milk Bar was next door. Speaking of best food ever lists, their cornflake-marshmallow cookie definitely ranks. Have you tried their "cereal milk" soft serve? you ought to.

After Brooklyn, we headed downtown and checked out my cousins super nice NYU dorm. Walk in closet anyone?

Then Aubrey and I finally headed over to Prune for impromptu cocktails. Amazing move.

It's so sweet, I wouldn't mind spending my days working/owning a place a lot like this.

 After a short wait we landed a spot at the bar. I love eating at the bar at cute restaurants, we chatted it up with the bartender and had a stellar evening. 

I started off with a bloody mary, I've been craving one for a while now. Let me tell you, this was no disappointment. In fact, I am going back this sunday to check out the impressive bloody mary menu they offer at brunch!

Instead of bread they serve crispy, fried chickpeas---these might just be better than chips.

We decided on some bone marrow, I hadn't tried it and Aubrey has been raving about it for quite some time now. It was rich and wonderful on the crispy toast, topped with a parsley salad and sea salt. ah, mouth watering! 

Whilst we savored (re: devoured) our snack, our lovely bartender accidentally made an extra drink so she gave it to us and gave us a generous taste of some Spanish white wine...reasons I love Prune.

Our final bite was toast with buttery lobster tomalley before we wandered our way back to Grand Central and caught the train where I slept my way home.

Great company, great food & great weather in a great city. So, does it get any better than that?