ilana freddye


This Week

A busy week has finally come to an end. Honestly, it went by so fast and I'm really enjoying class.

My class right now starts at 12:45 in the afternoon and we get out close to 1:00 am most nights yet the time flys by. It's nice to stay busy all day.

Here's a preview of American Bounty and my class thus far (excuse the crappy photos, this is all through the point of view of my beloved cell phone camera)

This is my lovely home on the Hot Apps Station

This is American Bounty BOH(back of house) aka my classroom really

Here is a shot of the rest of the hot line, where the entrees come to life--cheezy, right?

This is the Gnocchi that I make with fava beans, lobster, corn & roasted red peppers

This is one of the Foie Gras specials from this week that I make; this one had brioche, strawberry preserves, peanut butter & candied, spiced almonds

and this is a really big whisk...

I mean come on it's sort of ridiculous...

And now I am going to enjoy my weekend (sunday-monday) because the restaurant is open on Saturdays! phew what a week