ilana freddye


Rye Berry Salads

While I was home we discovered a bag of rye berries we had purchased at the farmers market a while back and decided to finally cook em up.

My mom soaked them overnight and then simmered them in some salted boiling water until they were done/tender.

And then no one really knew what to do with them so I threw together these two salads with the help of some leftovers.

Salad number one (Lefty)

  • roasted sweet potatoes

  • avocado

  • tomato

  • steamed zucchini

  • cilantro

  • olive oil

  • dijon mustard

  • s&p

Salad number two ladies and gentleman (Righty)

Not too shabby, actually I'd go as far as to say these were down right delicious. Thank you very much leftovers, you've done me well once again.