ilana freddye


"no foolin"

Honestly, I'm pooped.

bahhhhh, the restaurant started getting pretty busy this week and I gotta say it's been a lot of fun.

Long story short, my mind is "googley" to quote my good friend Kelli and I can't put a sentence together to save my fact: writing these three sentences has taken me close to an hour.  what, you think I'm possibly pretty dumb? that's okay becuase hey, i'm not!

So, here are some pictures I've scrounged up. I'm enjoying looking at them, maybe you will too? if not, well...shit happens.

Falafel in Brooklyn mmm look at those pickles, such good salads too. okay now, I'm seriously craving this.

Frozen Yoghurt with Graham Cracker Crumbs, Strawberry & Sliced Almonds. hello killer combo, whats up?

I love Kombucha! My aunt says it tastes like salad dressing...ha to each his own

One of the dishes from The Bounty, we call it "noodles" what do you call it? scallops? yah, that makes sense, but I think it's funny when they start yelling out orders for noodles...sounds like something a 6 year old would say not an executive chef.

A windowsill full of herbs! what smart store owners, bet they have nice dinners.

Lovely baked eggs with spinach & tomatoes at Arielle. cheesy.

This is what your neato baking roommate brings back to the room when she's in chocolates class. culinary school is pretty silly

surprise! I have a tattoo, who knew? I know, it's  blurry but it's an action shot! how intense mannnn

Hold the phone. Look at this gorgeous meal my mum made me before I headed back to school. Check out those sweet potats (best sweet potatoes in the world. I swear, you're jealous right now) & the salmon with rub with love dry rub on top--this stuff's so so good.

Look Here! It's my first Easter Basket! My roommate Taylor hooked it up for Easter, gotta give her lovely mom some credit for our seriously epic Easter Baskets! p.s. I'm jewish. plot twist.

In conclusion, this is my uniform for front of house. heyyyyyyyyy. I'll be putting this get-up on next friday to start front of house (FOH) in American Bounty! and then what? then I graduate. jeepers.

Enjoy the show. goodnight!

p.s. I love fried Calamari