ilana freddye


Emmer & Rye

My miniature summer break is quickly coming to an end, so to top off this vacation of friends, food, family, beer, and whiskey I headed to Emmer & Rye for one last taste of the Seattle restaurant scene.

A bloody mary to start. I think I might be becoming a the fun, young way that is. It's fast becoming my favorite vice. In moderation, of course.

We all shared the Farro Fries to start

I really liked these, it was almost like they cooked the farro(a type of wheat) like oatmeal, let it cool & fried it up so the outside was nice and crispy. The sage-yoghurt dipping sauce was so refreshing and flavorful too.

Then my mum & I shared a few small plates(which in reality weren't very small at all) and an entree. Here's a look at what was on the table between the five of us.

That's a lovely little dish isn't it? come on, just say it. It's gorgeous. ok, good I agree.

That would be the Spot Prawns with a spicy emmer cake & snap pea broth. need I say more? It was great.

And then there was the Cauliflower with Local Mushrooms, Spicy Greens & Walnut Vinaigrette. mmm this would have been a great meal all on its own, it was so savory and surprisingly hearty.

Crispy seared King Salmon with Morels & English Peas

This was a nightly special, the salad had pickled beets, arugula, fennel, cucumber & parm. It was really nice and refreshing, a salad worth paying for...not just a bunch of greens in a bowl, yanno? I'd eat this again, and again. and again?

Last but surely not least, an assorted pickle plate: Asparagus, Beets, Green Beans & Fiddleheads. Boy, I love pickles.