ilana freddye


culinary school: waiting tables

Wow, that three weeks flew by. Sadly I am no longer working in the kitchen at American Bounty, and I gotta say...I'm pretty bummed about it.

I am now officially in my last class before I graduate, working front of house....serving at American Bounty. I wish I was back in the kitchen, but I mean shmoozing with guests is always a good time.

You know what's the worst about graduating? ha I don't want to go! I'm having a pretty good time here, yah, it's probably the people  but it's also been a great couple of weeks working in the restaurant and well...what's next?

here's a peak at another one of the foie gras specials from when I was on Hot Apps,

this one had a strawberry puree, pistachios, cornbread, and rhubarb preserves


and another foie special, fried green tomatoe with herb coulis and pickled red onions...topped with amazing garlic chips


action shot on the line, aubrey is pouring some oil like a champ!


nothing is better than tomaotes when they are in season, and guess what! it's that time of year my friends, look at this gorgeous salad, one of the daily heirloom tomato preparations with compressed watermelon and cucumber

that's all for now. back to my busy schedule of waiting tables! tomorrow we do a cheese tasting....