ilana freddye


Raspberry Jammin

Make Jam. I’m just sayin, it was easy, tasty, and I’m going to go ahead and say we had a pretty good time making it.

My buddy aaron came over to help out, because honestly making jam is more fun with a friend, here are the details:

What you’ll need

  • raspberries, about 15 cups

  • pectin, 1 pack

  • sugar, 6-7 cups (I like my jam tart, so feel free to add more sugar)

  • glass jars

  • a big pan, to cook the jam in

  • a large pot, to sanitize the jars

First, we threw all the berries in aforementioned big pan, and smashed em up with a shpoon

and then we added the pectin, go ahead and read the back of the pectin box & the little pamphlet inside…they tell you exactly how much of everything you need for making different kinds of jam. easy peeeeeezy

now grab a beer, chill out & wait for the berries to boil up

then you add the sugar. if the jam is looking too foamy, add a tiny bit of butter.

don’t forget to taste it!

If there’s still some foam on top, just skim it off before jarring.

Speaking of jarring, at some point the jars have got to be put in boiling water to sanitize them.

Lastly, fill up those jars, and throw them back in the boiling water to seal them shut.

The next day, we cracked open a jar and snacked on some crackers, jam & brie. a stellar combination.

and this is how you eat something so damn tasty

yah, you’re jealous that’s not you. it could be though….go make some jam!