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More Seattle Eats

let’s look at pictures of food! okay

Some leftover pasta I doctored up for my dad to have for dinner: fettucini with ricotta & olive oil…I added some pancetta, spinach & garlic scapes

and that’s just the beginning…

Brave Horse Tavern, right outside my mum’s work. It’s yet another Tom Douglas restaurant, It seems like a cool place to go for drinks…they have shuffleboard & “brick oven” pretzels, seems like a good combo to me

Great windows, and cool brick walls. I’m in love with the building.

South Lake Union Farmer’s Market

Gorgeous produce, I roasted up a ton of veggies-asparagus(get em quick! the season’s ending), those gorgeous carrots, mushrooms, broccoli, cauliflower & brussel sprouts with dinner tonight

roasted veg-a-palooza

Dinner at Staples & Fancy. Woah—-great meal. I will be going back before I head back to school. Ethan Stowell has got some wonderful restaurants in this city, the kind of small places that I love. great food, and beautiful environment.

Check out the tiny open kitchen

Complimentary tastes while we sat at the bar, soft boiled egg with aioli & anchovies and ahi tuna with jalapeño (dark place=pretty lame photos)

and to drink? Blanton’s Bourbon. I’m a huge fan! This stuff was tasty, really cool bottle too. This could be a new favorite.

check out the fun derby horse on the top…and the seriously cool font

(picture from the website)

Not so gorgeous shot but here’s dinner:

beet salad with avocado, watercress & another perfectly soft boiled egg,

manilla clams with chorizo & lemon

rapini with garlic & chilis

Salad from last week


Orecchiette with roasted garlic sauce

Garlic Scapes with pancetta

Asparagus with hard boiled egg, olive oil, chives & anchovy

I tried this new kombucha, yah I mostly bought it because of the awesome bottle, but it was really good. Kombucha is way easier to find at home and I am taking full advantage of that.

Untill next time…