ilana freddye


Hey Berries!

Last week, I was thrilled to find out that the raspberry bush in our backyard was thriving. seriously thriving. like, in big ways.

so on one of the two sunny days that Seattle has been blessed with since I’ve been home, I headed outside to pick them berries!

Roxy came too

sidenote: raspberry bushes have thorns. While this is an obvious fact, I still managed to get my hair tangled in a high up (by high up I mean around 5 feet, honestly…I’m not tall) branch for over 5 minutes.

There were so many berries…

Some of you might have made a cobbler at this point, maybe even pie, but not I. This many raspberries called for jam. My peanut butter was getting lonely, okay?

Sorry to tease you, but the recipe will be up shortly! check back, I’ll try to get it posted tonight.