ilana freddye



I took some time off work for the sake of my sanity….and my feet.

So what’s a girl to do?

Well I just bought these wonderful new running shoes, yes I know they look like aqua socks but fashion wasn’t really the goal here. If you’re interested, they’re made by merell & they are those new fangled “barefoot” shoes. so uh check em out if that sort of thing floats your boat. if not, let us move on…

I like to take said shoes and run/walk across the wonderful mid hudson walking bridge,

Check out the beautiful view from the bridge

Last week as I was leaving the trail I saw some berries….

I knew they weren’t blackberries but they looked edible, so I decided to call them black raspberries and start snacking.

Very tasty! A woman walking past told me that they call them black caps(which apparently is a cute nickname for black raspberries) and they were definitely edible and delicious. phew no poisonous berries today