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Eat at Skillet!

Hello Hello

While I go to school in New York, Seattle is home…and I’m back home for the first time in just about 6 months. Exclamation marks cannot properly display how excited I am to be spending three weeks in this amazing city.

If you haven’t been here you better start making up for lost time and book that plane ticket about 10 minutes ago. 

And while you’re here, there are quite a few restaurants you’re going to need to hit up, so let’s begin with Skillet.

They used to just have a food truck, well actually a food “airstream” a really adorable little airstream at that. Well they semi-recently opened up a diner sort of place and we stopped by for brunch today

….and you know what brunch means right??! good food and cocktails of course!

super fun cocktails, and an impressive little bar if I do say so myself

check out the bourbon lineup

I settled on a bloody mary though. mmmm meal in a glass, right?

all the beverages are served out of jars, only way to do it in my book.

and to eat? Kale Caesar Salad! yah I said it. 

I love kale. love love love it, and eating it raw and lightly tossed with caesar dressing was great.

did I mention Kale is ridiculously good for you? yah it’s damn near perfect.

pops got a cornmeal waffle with fried eggs & pork belly. 

and mum got this tasty grilled salmon sandwich.

Such a great meal, brunch should start happening on days other than sunday…

you know I’m right.