ilana freddye


Bite of Seattle

Last weekend I hit up The Bite of Seattle with some friends. It’s a food fair of sorts, featuring bites from a couple cool Seattle restaurants but mostly just a bunch of fair food.

Here’s a peak at the free stuff I picked up:

  • Dave’s killer bread, the peace bomb was my favorite. hands down.

  • a tahini/soy sauce that they sampled on brown rice…I forget to snap a picture of this until after we ate it thus the plastic spoon picture

  • chocolate chip granola bars

  • larabars; carrot cake & peanut butter flavors

  • coconut milk…kind of weird

  • mango smoothie/slushie as modeled by paige

  • more granola bars

  • wine smoothie, tasted like a slushie and I happen to think “wine smoothie” was a misleading and unappetizing name